About Chakote (Shree Ganesh Bakery Nandni Pvt. Ltd.)

25 years... An ambition realized!

In 1991, a 16-year old young boy Mr. Annasaheb Chakote started his journey. he took his first steps towards self-containment and entrepreneurship with a brick wooden oven. Today, He is one of Maharashtra’s topmost conglomerates in the manufacturing of high quality bakery & food products. Annasaheb’s efforts to build a revolutionary business, and achieve complete self-oriented have resulted in gainful employment for thousands of rural youth, entrepreneurship for several shop-owners and respect for the bakery industry.
Last 25 years, Chakote Brand has operated on the fundamental principle of creating value products through the best technological resources available. Chakote product comes with the guarantee of extremely high-grade raw material, cutting edge production methodologies and infrastructure, which delivers high-quality food products that conforms FSSAI norms.

Our Core Values….

The products of the company are well established in the market in terms of their quality, price and service and command brand equity in the market.


The unit are manufacturing wide range of 180 product variety in nine well equipped production lines, i.e. BREAD LINE, BUN & DOUGHNUT LINE, BUTTER LINE, COOKIES LINE, CAKE LINE, KHARI LINE, TOAST LINE, NAMKEEN LINE & SWEETS LINE. The manufacturing units are spread in 9 acres approx. at Nandani & 6 acres at Latur, We have well developed hi-Tech & modern infrastructure facilities i.e. Building, transport, power, water and other facilities are in place to cater to the existing requirements of the unit.


Shree Ganesh Bakery Nandani Pvt. Ltd. has developed its own system of quality control management. Right from each raw material used in production undergoes a well-defined scientific testing procedure. Strict discipline is maintained to ensure maintenance of highest standard of quality control.

The testing laboratory, the services of which have been hired by the company has all the modern Hi- Tech. equipment’s necessary for testing and maintaining error free quality control. The laboratory is well equipped to undertake all the necessary tests for testing all types of raw materials, packaging materials and finished products.

Shree Ganesh Bakery Nandani Pvt. Ltd. has developed ONLINE QUALITY CONTROL TEAM to ensure quality process & packing of Finish Goods. Taking care of The products that should be totally hygienic. The company has a separate Quality Department which undertakes all necessary activities and procedures required at all stages beginning from selection of raw material and production to the packaging of finished products and maintain products with our core values i.e. Quality, Quantity, Costing.


Millions of families in the states of Maharashtra, Karnataka, Goa and Andhra Pradesh. We are constantly connected to each one of our customers through an unbroken line of 450 stockists and distributors, scattered by our strong network of near about Lakhs of retail outlets. It is a matter of pride and gratitude for us at Chakote to know that every single day, we are touching the lives of our customers across the country and making people happy. Chakote Brand has set up specialized teams functioning in the Operations, Finance, Accounts, HR, Administration, IT, Sales and Marketing departments to serve our dear customers in the best possible way. Supply Chain is self-operated ensuring timely & fresh supply of bread and other bakery products at the door step of the retailers. To create an effective, cost-efficient marketing, our company possess an objective understanding. Common functions including market research, product and market planning, development, branding, packaging, and labelling.

marketing is an ongoing, a healthier bottom line and a business more likely to survive in the long run. strategies that our company engaged in on a daily basis include relationship marketing, online marketing and traditional marketing.

Relationship marketing activities include such practices as welcoming customers, soliciting feedback, creating customer loyalty programs, emails thanking customers for purchases and individual meetings with high-volume customers or influencers. Traditional marketing activities include hosting customer events, participating in the community, creating television and radio spots, sending out direct mail, renting billboards, print advertisements in newspapers, magazines and trade journals. Social networking sites have also become sources for online marketing for businesses of all sizes. a great deal of time commitment, as frequent updates contribute to greater success.

A Glimpse Into The Future

Chakote Foods has recently surpassed 100 crores. Achieved status as one of the leading bakery industrialist in india. Witnessed great demand among the distributors & marketed Key areas. To manufacture Range of Happiness under one roof, we have an upcoming 13-acre production plant fully equipped with Modern & advanced technology in Jambhli Near Kolhapur, Maharashtra. The production capacity of the plant will be near about 150 tons per day abide with International Food safety and standards & norms. Products will soon be available for Indian & Export Market.


New business development concerns all the activities involved in realizing new business opportunities, including product or service design, business model design, and marketing. When splitting business development into two parts, we have 'business' and 'development'. The first things that come into mind when looking at business are economics, finance, managerial activities, competition, prices, marketing, etc. All of these are related to risk and entrepreneurship and clearly indicate the primary scope of the term ‘business development’. Development is linked with technological improvement, cost reduction, general welfare, improved relations, movement in a positive direction, etc.


New product development (NPD) covers the complete process of bringing a new product to market. New product development is the transformation of a market opportunity into a product available for sale. Cost, time and quality are the main variables that drive customer needs. Aiming at these three variables, OUR company develop continuous practices and strategies to better satisfy customer requirements and to increase our own market share by a regular development of new products.


CHAKOTE is fast spreading its network beyond its existing areas of operations i.e. WESTERN MAHARASHTRA, MARATHWADA, VIDARBHA, GOA, KARNATAKA, ANDHRA PRADESH, Besides these areas, Chakote is also spreading network in REMAINING AREA OF MAHARASHTRA & surrounding area for PAN India presence to cater to the growing demand of Chakote Bakery & food Products in existing and expansion areas. .


would be conveniently located, with a responsive feel and cooperative team, whose motto will be - the whole fulfilment of the customer's desires. our great beliefs and services, have ensured that CHAKOTE will spread its wings across exclusive 1000 outlets

4. Exports :

We are looking towards Growing markets, rising consumer spending, improved business climate--sometimes the only place to find these things is EXPORTS. We have decided to go global in a number of ways. BRINGING QUALITY, QUANTITY AND COSTING TOGETHER WHILE SHRINKING THE WORLD … BECAUSE WE CARE ABOUT NEEDS AND EXPECTATIONS

Nandani Manufacturing Unit

Plant Production Capacity:
700 tons per month

Latur Manufacturing Unit

Plant Production Capacity:
500 Tons per month


PHASE I: Production Capacities
Toast Plant: 15 Tons per day
Bread Plant: 75000 Breads per day
Khari Plant: 10 Tons per day
Buns & Butter Plant: 10 Tons per day
Cake Plant: 10 Tons per day
Cookies Plant: 10 Tons per day
Namkeen Plant: 25 Tons per day

PHASE II: Production Capacities
Roller Flour Mill: 150 Tons per day
Masala Factory: 5 Tons per day
Pickles Manufacturing Unit: 2 Tons per day
Mineral Water Plant: 10000 Ltr. per day

Power Generation: Roof Top Solar Power Generation Plant of Capacity 1.0 MW